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Do you have an important job interview? Of these five tips, it has been proven that they really work to be hired. Are you afraid that you will not be hired because you seem nervous? It is not necessary.

Nervous traits such as blushing or fiddling with your clothing have hardly any effect. What can work to your disadvantage is dropping a lot of silence and talking hesitantly. People who do this are assessed as less assertive and warm. These are important qualities to be adopted.

Tip 1

If you increase your positive qualities, you will come across as more competent and competent. Rather say that you are 'excellent' at something than 'good.' Also, formulate concrete examples. Do you call yourself "super creative"? Then give an example that shows.

Tip 2

What also works well is to let someone say something positive, for example, via LinkedIn. That works even more credibly. People who show attention, interest, and appreciation are more pleasant.

Tip 3

Asking questions is a very good way to show interest. This way, you ensure equality and see if the company suits you. So ask about the company culture, the future vision, or how many people you are in a department with. During a job interview, employers are mainly concerned with: "Do I have fun with you when we are stuck in an elevator?" Skills can be learned, but not a click. A click is so important to be accepted.

Tip 4

During an application, make sure that you focus on your hobbies, interests, and experiences. Find the similarities between you, the conversation partner, and the company. It is an open door, but it is true.

Tip 5

Interviewers immediately determine what they think of someone. They unconsciously take the concept of 'what is beautiful is good.' If you look good, the interviewer automatically assumes that you possess positive qualities. After that first impression, the interviewers look for clues that their first impression is correct.

Do you also need help, or do you want to do an Online Career Assessment Test, for example? This is possible and can be very useful for your personal development.

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